Free Club Penguin Membership!

Your Guide to Free Club Penguin Membership

How to get Free Club Penguin Membership!

Are you tired of being something like this?

Do you want to be like this?

Well its possible that you can have a rich igloo with cool clothing and all the puffles you want! There is just 1 problem. Your not a member! Members can do alot more then non-members can do in Club Penguin. Here is members can do that non-members cant:
(NOTE: Click on the links will take you to picture to show an example of what the sentence means)

Dress Up Your Penguin!

Adopt more puffles!

Get more out of Club Penguin!

Do you want to do all this? To upgrade your penguin? You can! But some parents wont let you have membership for a reason. Most of the reason is they are scared someone could steal the credit card number or any other personal information or it costs too much. Even though the site may look safe to enter, you never know if a virus or something else is ready to also take your credit card number! I have found a solution to this problem! There is 1 possible way of getting Club Penguin membership for free! YES FREE! NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL! NO PERSONAL INFORMATION TO PUT! And you could start in just a few mintues! I will guide you through on how to use it, what to click and type, and more! And soon you will have your Club Penguin Membership!

To start your free Club Penguin Membership, click the picture below!

After you clicked the picture, you should be at a site called PrizeRebel, this is your 1 site to start your membership and here’s how it works!

  1. You sign up for the site (we will teach you how in a minute)
  2. Activate your account (we will teach you how in a minute)
  3. Complete offers for points (this will be explained)

Step 1: Creating a Account
(NOTE: I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you create another email address to use to create your account. Since you will get alot of spam, you dont want all that spam in your email)

All you need to do now is to create a account so you can start getting points! When you arrive to the PrizeRebel homepage, click the big “SIGN UP” button that looks like this:

After you do that, you must complete the form, then press “Sign up” button below the form.
(NOTE: I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you create another email address. While completing forms for points, you may get lots of spam message’s so its best to create another email address so the junk does not go to yours)

After a little while, check your inbox and you will receive a message that you need to confirm. Click the activation link in the message

Soon after that, you will receive another email saying your account is activated and it will tell you your username and where to login

Step 2: Logging in
When you activated your account, its time to login to start getting your points! Its easy to login!

Go to the PrizeRebel Homepage (Click here to go to the PrizeRebel Homepage) and at the top, type in your username which is the email you used to create your account and the password you put to create your account

Step 3: Offers and completing them
When you login, you will have 0.0 points. In order to get a Club Penguin Membership card, you need 9 points. In order to receive points, you must complete offers. Some offers may take long and sometimes after you complete your offer, the points doesn’t come immediately. To start completing offers to get points, click the “View Available Offers” under the “Navigation” place.

After you clicked “View Avaible Offers”, a bunch of advertisements listed will come up. Check on the side to see how many points the ad will give you! Then check the “Requirements” to see what you must do in this form. If you feel you can do this form, click the “Click Here To Complete This Offer”.

Step 4: Completing an offer

Now you just learned what offers you want to choose, now its time to do an offer! Lots of offer may require personal information like address and phone number but you don’t need to actually, just put in fake information, here is 1 for example:
(NOTE: Make sure that you type the email you used to create your account. DO NOT put your real address, just fake it)

Some easy offers like offers that you only need to sign up for has like 0.3 points. Some offers tell you to complete the first 20 page’s and must say yes to 1 offer give you 1.0 point. After you signed up for an offer, go to the email you used and make sure to activate your account so you can get the points. Just keep doing offers till you have you have 6 points.

Step 5: Claiming your prize

After you get your points, its time to claim your prize! The best part is that they will send you the information to your email meaning you dont have to worry if your going to enter any home address! To claim your prize, click on the “View Avaible Prizes” on the side.

After that ,on the top of the page, select “Online Games” in the “Categories” list

Scroll down until you see the prize you were working hard for! Your Free Club Penguin Membership!

Under the Club Penguin Membership card, click “Click here to claim this prize”. A pop-up window will ask you “Are you sure you want to claim this prize?” Just click “OK” and soon it will say “Your prize claim has been submitted”. Next click on the “View Prize Claims” on the side

It will show you what happened to your Club Penguin Membership Card. If your prize claim status shows “Pending” – that means it is still being processed. If your prize claim status shows “Processed” or “Approved” – that means your prize has been sent to your email! Go back to your email and read the message.

Step 6: Activating your membership to your penguin!

After all the hard work and you finally got your card! Now its time to activate your membership! First, go to the Club Penguin Homepage and select “Membership on the top (Click here to go to the membership site)

On the bottom right of the page, there is a big button called “Activate”, click it

Now fill in the form below and then click the “CONTINUE” button to activate your membership

Then, go back to the Club Penguin Login Screen and login



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